Praxis Research Partners was established in 2001 by three senior professionals.

Our guiding principal is to measure and create growth opportunities for our clients, through:

  • Revenue driven targeting
  • Positioning and communications guidance that leverage dimensions to drive purchasing 
  • Brand extension that measures where a brand has viable growth opportunities
  • Product development focus to maximize return, not just appeal

Collectively, we represent more than 60 years of strategic research and experience. 

We have a strong strategic and analytic heritage, stemming from years spent in leadership positions at Yankelovich Partners and Marketing Corporation of America. 

Marcelo Nacht

With over 30 years of experience, Marcelo has held leadership positions at iconic research and branding firms Yankelovich Partners and Marketing Corporation of America. 


Marcelo has particular expertise in helping the category leaders and challengers to: 

  • Develop profitable market segmentation and targeting strategies
  • Create positioning strategies that leverage core strengths and exploit open market opportunities
  • Measure and extend the equity of their brands into new categories 
  • Optimize their product, services, and pricing strategies



His experience encompasses both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in B2B and B2C categories, with research conducted around the globe. 

Jay Allen

Jay has over 20 years of experience in marketing sciences and analytics. He has a deep understanding of the practical role that analytics play in informing optimal business decisions. He applies this knowledge and understanding to each engagement and finds the best way possible to actionable insights for our clients. 


Jay's areas of expertise include: 

  • Segmentation
  • Brand Equity 
  • Predictive Modeling (Regression, CHAID, Structural Equation Modeling, and Latent Class Regression)
  • Designing and Analyzing the results of Conjoint Analysis (Discrete Choice, Full Profile Conjoint, and Max Diff)
  • Building dashboards and interactive simulators for clients to easily run "what if" scenarios



Jay is a founding partner of Praxis, was Director of Analytic Services at The Harrison Group and Intellisponse, and prior to that held key positions in Analytic Services at Yankelovich Partners. 

Adam Tomanelli 

Adam is one of three founding members of Praxis Research Partners and has more than 20 years of strategic market research experience. He began his career at Yankelovich Partners and held senior level positions in the custom research division of Intellisponse.


Adam has conducted hundreds of studies across a wide range of B2B and B2C industries including packaged goods, private label brands, pharmaceuticals, beverages, utilities, and enterprise software.  

Adam's area of expertise include: 

  • Positioning and Communications 
  • Marketing Segmentation 
  • Consumer Decision Analysis 
  • Net Promoter Analysis
  • Message Optimization 
  • Concept Testing 



Adam is committed to building long lasting partnerships with his clients and prides himself on thoughtful study design and the delivery of action oriented results on every engagement.